JK Electronic Weigh Bridge
  Steel Weighingbridge

The site and application are dominant factors in selecting the type of weighbridge and Ash bee offers total solution for any application requirement.
Steel platforms are fabricated at factory according to the size and capacity required by the customer and sent to the customer site, where assembling of the platform is done over the foundation. Full steel weighbridges are of two types.
• Full Steel Pit Type Weigh Bridge
Full Steel Pit Type:
This type of weighbridge is most suitable for places with limited space e.g... non-hilly areas where the construction of pit is not a costly affair. Since the platform is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public weighbridges prefer this design
• Lesser Space Required (As it has no ramps)
• Rickshaws & Tractor Trolleys can also be weighed as platform is in flush with ground level.

• Full Steel Pitiless Type Weigh Bridge
Full Steel Pitiless type:
This type of weighbridge / Truck scale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult or construction of pit is expensive. Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided. This type of weighbridge requires more space

• Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
• Platform above ground level- No water logging during rainy season
• Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.

• Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.