JK Electronic Weigh Bridge
  Composites Platform Weighbridge

This type of weighbridge is of pitiless type only, and is most suitable for places where the excavation work for foundation is difficult or construction of pit is expensive. Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided. This type of weighbridge requires more space. Its platform is made of steel and concrete for longer life and zero maintenance, and the platform casting is done at site.
The main girders & end channels are made of steel duly fabricated, leveled & assembled in our factory. These are then sent to site where a concrete slab is castled between these main girders

• Longer Life
• No rusting, no re-painting, thus maintenance-free
• Stronger, heavier and more stable
• Less deflection- load cells never get misaligned
• Less Vibration - Vibrations reduce life and accuracy of load cells